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The maximum number of people for one lane is five people. If you have six to ten people in your party, please select one of the options for two lanes.

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Directions & Map

   Directions & Map:

   Address: 4175 Meridian Bellingham, WA 98226


   Traveling North

   I-5 traveling north take exit 256A (Right lane onto HWY 539, Meridian Exit).

   Turn right (north) onto Meridian St.

   Merge onto Meridian and move to left lane.

   Travel to Westerly Rd (approx. 4 lights).

   Turn left onto Westerly.

   Turn second right into Park Bowl parking lot.

    Traveling South

    1-5 traveling south take exit 256.

   Turn left onto (east)  McLeod Rd.

   Turn left (north) onto Meridian St.

   Stay in left lane & travel to Westerly Rd (approx. 5 lights)

   Turn left (west) onto Westerly.

   Take the second right into Park Bowl parking lot.